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Posted by Milovan Misho Petković on Mon, Dec 25, 2017

Very often we need music for offline users. I don’t like to listen radio, frequent changes in the style of music, news every half an hour, many ads, they refuse me from it. But have one great online radio Grovecafe aperitif with great music without ads. When I drive a radio track I cannot switch to the next one. The best way is own playlist on mp3 in a car. I try some converter, but conversion was being difficult. I thought, if it’s hard for me, how it is for someone who does not sit in a computer every day.

So a new idea was born.

Make small and simple YouTubeTM to mp3 converter. After a few days I came up with a good name - YTBmp3. I was working on Django Framework that day and with Bootstrap UI, converter is made. The first users were satisfied, but my converter did not have the capacity. The first problems were reported, the songs did not work on my mp3 player in the car (after some days I fixed it), all that surpassed me.

It was 2015.

Two years later my friend, colleague, physicist and excellent developer Janoš Guljaš and me sitting on the Dunabe in Belgrade. Janoš is always busy with work. I suggest that we make a new converter together.

1.maj Dunav

We went to work fast. The same night we tested a converter without an interface. The next day the converter was ready and showed it to the world. The next few months, the coins arrived, and we figured out what our converter could do.

New features added:

  • no conversion wait is the best feature on converter
  • direct YouTubeTM search
  • sounds trim
  • playlst download
  • sound quality select
  • ssl certificates
  • no limits
  • only server capacity limit
  • and also no popup ads

YTBmp3 screenshot Never any song has been stored on the server. It’s only online converter!

Enjoy in music with

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